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Built from the ground up for Windows

Build Your Decks

Find the right card using our powerful in-app search engine. Get instant deck statistics, mana curves, test sample draws and more!

Manage Your Collection

Easily input and keep track of your cards. Quickly find missing cards that your decks require and estimate the value of your collection.

Multiplatform Connectivity

The Decked Builder platform is also available on the Android, iPhone, iPad and the Mac. Take your decks and collections everywhere you go!

Input cards with Card Cam

Our Card Cam technology will allow you to recognize cards using your web cam. Easily input your decks and collections without typing!

Unrivaled Deck Building Experience

  • Find the card you want
  • Anytime, anywhere – no internet required!
  • Quick filters make searching easy
  • Find text, name, abilities, type & more!
  •  Use the Statistical analysis to improve your decks
  • Examine your deck from different viewpoints: mana cost, color, card type and more!
  • Find missing cards from your collection

Quickly draw and play out numerous hands:

  • Does your deck mulligan well?
  • Do you have enough mana sources?
  • How quickly you can deal 20?
  • Check out the latest winning lists
  • Multiple formats – Standard, Modern, Pauper and more
  • Easy importing and sharing of the lists you like
  • Price your cards and decks through one of many available vendors: Cardshark, TCGplayer, and more!
  • Purchase missing cards with a single click
  • Always up to date prices

Track All Your Cards

Decked Builder also includes a full featured card collection manager. This will allow you to:

  • Easily input and start tracking your collection of cards
  • Search your collection for specific cards using handy filters
  • Quickly check for cards in your deck that are missing in your collection
  • Estimate the value of your collection
  • Synchronize your collection with your other devices via Dropbox

The Future Was Never Closer

If you buy the Card Cam add on, adding cards to your collection or deck is easier than ever! Just swipe the card in front of your webcam.

All Your Devices, Anytime, Anywhere

Take your deck and collection with you on your Android, iPhone, iPad or Mac!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear what others have to say about our software.

This is the program I recommend for anyone willing to spend … on an MtG application. I’m one of those people who will generally take the free alternative over the paid app any day, but I’m actually happy to have spent the money on this one. It has a ton of very cool features, runs smoothly, and even has RSS feeds for several top MtG sites.

Michael Evans,

“Decked Builder is the most versatile solution for Magic: the Gathering players — it has close integration among all it’s versions and is reasonably priced – making it indispensable for the experienced player.”

Pavel Dmitriev,

You can find Decked Builder on the iTunes App Store here for $5.99 on iPad (Requires iOS 5.1), and here for $3.99 on iPhone and iPod Touch (Requires iOS 4.0). If you think it’s pricey, consider that I bought this app and use it on my iPhone and iPad. Yes, I bought it twice; it’s THAT good.

Dave Rehm,

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Decked Builder produces a suite of cross platform products for building and drafting Magic: the Gathering.

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