Prerequisite software

The following system components will need to be downloaded and installed before Decked Builder can be run:

1. Microsoft .Net 4.5 Framework

2. x86 Visual C++ 2013 Runtime Redistributable (Please install the x86 version)

Just click the links, download the files from Microsoft and run the setup package.

Minimum System Configuration

  • Windows 7
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 50Mb free hard drive space



– Added configuration for card cam duplicate delay on settings page


– Added colorless mana symbol


– Consolidated CardCam into a single page
– Improved CardCam perfomance
– Added status text for CardCam, including FPS counter
– CardCam is now mirrored



  • In-app application updating for future releases
  • Check that deck is saved before exiting
  • Card count of search results in collection mode
  • Old databases will now be cleaned up when updating


  • Add Lands crash
  • Card Cam crashes related to unselecting sets
  • Card Cam crashes related to maximum amount of sets selected
  • Update App link exception
  • Exception when selecting webcam that is already in use by other program
  • Crash with invalid mana symbols (hybrid from Modern Masters 2015)
  • Update Database cancel issue (would re-download database)
  • Help email link now works
  • Error when deleting non-existing card from deck
  • Other small bugs and errors


  • Improved Card Cam compatibility
  • Improved keyboard navigation on Deck page
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Copy Deck to Clipboard function for sharing decks without posting online
  • Fix bug with +/- buttons and Search


  • Better Unicode handling
  • Added a save icon button on the collections header
  • Display total collection quantity for the selected card


Major Upgrade:

  • Price charts are now high resolution
  • You can now share decks online
  • You can now compare prices
  • Added toolbar icons on the top right for often used functions for the deck and collections page
  • New look for collection quantities
  • The collection splitter position is now saved
  • You can now flip Innistrad cards by clicking on them
  • You can now cancel the Cardcam file download
  • Pricing performance improvements
  • You can now view your deck counts while testing
  • Bug fixes


  • More webcam fixes
  • Bug fix for crashing issues on startup


  • Compatibility fixes for webcam


  • You can now load MTGO txt files
  • Better Webcam error reporting
  • You can now export collections to CSV files
  • Euro sign now displays properly
  • Deck testing now has a context menu for cards


  • Better error handling
  • Added Alt+E keyboard shortcut for quick searches


  • Fix Taskbar name of app
  • Fixed downloading of Magic 2014 and other sets on CardCam
  • Auto close search options when done
  • You can now close the entire search options to better view the search results
  • Freed up some space on the top window
  • You can now select multiple sets in Card Cam
  • Added right-click menu to add/subtract cards
  • Collections: You can now add/subtract from all search results


Decked Builder for Windows